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Tea Kettle Buying Guide

When buying a kettle you need to decide what sort of kettle you actually need. They all differ with colours, sizes and shapes but serve the same purpose: boiling water. Years ago your choice was limited to few stove top models. Electric kettles have revolutionized the market and are now dominant group of small kitchen appliances.

Most popular kettles types

Traditional Stove Top Tea Kettles

They tend to be more economical that their electric counterparts. They generally look better too. If you decide for traditional stove top appliance your choice is rather simple. All you want to make sure is to pick up one with noisy whistle and heat proof handle. This is important as steam coming out of kettle when the water boils heats up the handle and makes it difficult to grip.

Electric kettles

There are several things you should check when buying electric model. First you should decide what type you need: cord or cordless. Cordless models are more popular and in bigger supply. The main reason for this is the freedom they give you as you can walk with kettle while the plate sits on worktop. Cord is attached directly to the plate. You can install appliance wherever you want in your kitchen as you can take of kettle out of plate to get the water from a kitchen sink even if it’s few meters from the plate. Cord kettles have cable attached directly to the jag which limits your manoeuvrability. However some customers still prefer corded version, probably more due to aesthetic preferences than practical points.

Travel kettles

The main difference between them and other electric kettles is the capacity. While traditional and electric ones have capacity of around 1.5 to 1.7 litres travel appliances rarely reach the 1 litre mark. Normally they range between 0.5 to 0.85 litres.

What to check when buying a tea kettle?


When it comes to power simple rule applies: the higher the wattage the faster the kettle is. Powerful kettles boil water much faster than their slower counterparts. On average kettles have 2500 Watts. Some kettles have power of 300 Watts or more. They boil water rapidly but consume more electrical energy at the same time. You want power to be about the average 2500 Watts. Wattage lower than that may increase the time needed for boiling the water.


Capacity is important as it tells you how many cups of tea or coffee you will be able to make from the boiled water. Obviously you won’t use maximum capacity at all occasions but you better reserve so extra space. Anything around 1.5 – 1.7 litres will do. Capacity of 0.5 or 0,85 might be adequate for travel kettles.

Base of a kettle

If you choose cordless electric kettle it has something like base or plate on which you place the appliance. The only important feature of the base is its construction. Some gives you an option to rotate the kettle on the base. That mean you can put it on the base from any angle. It is especially important for left-handed users but it is more convenient than traditional plate for us all. Swivel base usually takes the price of appliance up but is worth additional money as it makes kettle more user friendly.


We would say it’s more a marketing gimmick than anything else but many consumers believe filter will improve water’s quality significantly. Well, filters stop particles. They are usually installed inside the spout and they work if you actually use spout to fill the kettle and take a form of plastic mesh.

Size of kettle’s spout

Some consumers like to fill up the kettles without opening the lid. If you are one of them better look for the kettle with a large spout. It will let you to fill up kettle comfortably without spilling the water around the kitchen.

Visibility of water gouge

Nothing irritates us like narrow, barely visible water gouge. One look trough the gouge should inform you how much water is actually inside the jag. For this purpose you should try a kettle with wider water gouge. Read the reviews to find out if it is well visible from different angles. Many gouges provide limited visibility when observed from some height. Assuming most of the worktops are lower than our sight this might be quite important.

Safety Cut Out

How many times it happened to you? You switch on the kettle without checking if the water is above the minimum level. Safety cut out will prevent you against boiling dry kettle which could potentially damage appliance.

Cool Touch Handle

Kettle might be getting hot while you boil water in it. Cool touch handle will let you move it without burning your hand.

Tea Kettles Price Range

As you can rightly suspect price of a tea kettle depends much on its brand and quality. You can buy inexpensive kettles form offline and online retailers such as Argos or Amazon for £5. Their quality is far from excellent and they luck many useful features but they do the job. However their durability is something you should be worry about as they are made of cheap materials and are not supposed to last for long. There is no much difference in prices between electrical and traditional stove top kettles. You may buy a good appliance for around £25 - £30. High quality appliances cost around £50 and are equipped with all features improving the comfort of use. Price depends also on materials used for manufacturing. Stainless steel kettles will be more expensive than its plastic counterparts.

What brand to choose?

We do not endorse any particular brand but we believe some manufacturers can ensure high quality of their products. Panasonic, Bosch, Dualit, Delonghi and Breville are all among the top brands you could consider when shopping for perfect appliance. At we believe however that your shopping should start with specifying your needs. What you expect from your kettle? Do you want it to last for years or you need a simple model for your workplace? What is your budget? Only after specifying the criteria of choice you can find a model which will truly satisfy your consumer needs. Brand has really secondary meaning although it is wise to buy a product of make you already know and trust.

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