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How to Remove a Limescale from Stovetop Kettle?
It's easier than you think! Just follow our short guide which instructs you on best methods to remove a limescale.
How to maintain electric kettle?
Increase durability of your electric kettle with few easy to follow tips we provide in this article.
What Colour of Kettle to Buy?
There are kettles' colours which we think you should avaoid. Still want your blue kettle? Our article may help you to decide what colour to choose.
What Kettles Brands are the Best?
We all have our favourite brands but which one is the best for kettles? Who is the top manufacturer and deserve your money?
Buying Multi Purpose Kettle
Is it possible to get a good kettle which may serve you as both travel and home appliance? Learn all from our article
Trendy Kettles for 2012
Check what are the most fashionable kettles of 2012. Learn all about trends in kettles' design
What Kettles You Should Avoid?
There are some kettles we strongly advice you to avoid. Which of them are not worth the price? Find out more
Time for Timeless Design
Some kettles look great no matter how old they are. How to buy kettle with timeless design?
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