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Buying Multi Purpose Kettle

I never understood why people try to save few pounds and buy one-serve-all purpose products. Especially that a value of quality electric kettle rarely exceeds £30 price tag. It doesn’t stop consumer from seeking a kettle which is powerful enough to serve as a kitchen appliance and small enough to be comfortably taken for a camping or abroad journey. Unfortunately travel kettles are far less durable than their electric counterparts. They are designated to last for few journeys at maximum. Please remember that kettle is the most frequently used kitchen appliance so you need solid item which can survive intensive usage.

Is it possible to buy a multi-purpose kettle?

Well, it is possible but very difficult. Most of the traditional kettles on market are designed for in-house use and has capacity ranging from 1.5 top 1.7 litres. This is way too much for a travel kettle which should be compact and lightweight. For that reason, travel kettles capacity range from 0.5 to 0.9 litres. This mean they can boil up to 2 cups of water at one go. It is unlikely that kind of small appliance can serve as a family kettle. If you want to boil more water in travel appliance you simply have to run it all over again. Frequent use however decreases its lifetime. It is not a secret that travel kettles not as durable as wish they were. They were supposed to work well during your holidays. Very often they lack features known from full size kettles. Some models don’t have even the basic functionality like automatic shut off. That means they need to be supervised all the time and don’t fit well into busy family lifestyle. If you want to save money and buy only one kettle which will suit all purposes you need to buy item of a high quality. You should expect to pay around £30 for such a product. It should have automatic shut off, be powerful and ideally have a boil dry protection. It doesn’t have to come from a reputable manufacturer however you should go after quality product with plenty of positive customer reviews. You should consider also its capacity. While 0.5 litres might be enough for a morning cuppa in hotel room 0.8 or 1l might be more adequate for daily use. There are other characteristic worth checking, for example if the kettle has cool handle. You may live through one or two holidays where you have to pour water keeping its handle covered with cloth. In the long term use however it might become a bit of a problem.

How to choose one-for-all purposes kettle?

It isn’t that hard but requires some research from your side. My general tip is to look for home electric kettle with all desired features but with small capacity. Unfortunately number of models matching these criteria is limited. Most of them are called one-cup-kettle. They have fall functionality of a full size kettle but have different capacity. The number of travel kettles which could actually guarantee longevity is even smaller so you have a better chance going after small home-purposed product. The one you can really think through is PHILIPS HD4685. It has a power of 2400Watts and is compact. It boils water relatively fast and can deliver up to 4 cups of water at one boiling. Capacity of 1l makes it suitable for travelling and high quality and nice design make it a valuable part of your kitchen equipment. It has automatic shut-off. Its handle stays cool and lets you carry it around just after you boiled the water. From pure travel kettles I will advise you to look for a Laytron items. They are very cheap yet provide good value for money. I would still like to suggest buying two separate kettles. It might cost you a little bit more but you get better comfort of use and better looking item. Your effort to save money sometimes brings with opposite result.

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