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How to Maintain an Electric Kettle?

Although kettle is not a big investment we all want it to serve us as long as possible. We want our water to be boiled fast and be of good quality. Unfortunately we forget to maintain it properly. In result we end up buying a new one as a replacement. It is completely unnecessary as maintenance of kettle is easy and can be done on daily basis without adding to your duties list. Here is a list of easy to follow tips which will increase the lifespan of your kitchen appliance.

Clean kettle from time to time

Take plug of the socket and clean exterior of kettle with cloth. Focus on the switch as most of the dirt gathers on the switch handle. External cleaning doesn’t have to be performed too often but will give your kettle fresh look and make using it more hygienic. Interior of kettle is harder to clean and less obvious techniques must be applied. Before you start, unplug the kettle. Let it loose temperature. Fill the half of a kettle with warm water, and then add about quarter glass of vinegar. Mix it well and let it stay inside the kettle for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the mixture form kettle and clean up its interior. Scouring pads seems to be the best tool for the job. They will help you to remove limescale from heating element and interior walls of a kettle. After cleaning fill the kettle with hot water and wait for few minutes. Remove the water and repeat last task. Make sure all the dirt from the appliance’s interior has been removed. Use cloth to dry it up. Plug in the kettle and boil the water. To make sure everything has been done properly boil water once again and remove it before you start using kettle again.

Use Amount of Water You Really Need

If you boil more water than you require heating element has to work harder and longer. This affects its lifespan. To prevent element from overwork fill kettle with exact amount of water you need. Most of the kettles are equipped with measure which shows you amount of water given in cups. But overfilling kettle with water has other implications as well. Water left after boiling builds up limescale. Limescale on the element significantly reduce its lifespan. Using right amount of water will leave kettle empty after the boiling. Here are some tips on removing limescale you can apply to elecric models.

Remove All Water After Boiling

As overstayed water build limescale it is wise to empty the kettle after each use. Doing this will protect element and increase durability of appliance. You may leave the lid of kettle fully opened. Doing so will help to prevent appliance from limescale. Remember to fill kettle with water before you switch it on! Don’t run empty appliance as it may damage it. Good tip to ensure appliance is never operated when dry is to unplug it after every use.

Other Maintenance Tips

Don’t Interfere Boiling Process

There is no way you will speed up boiling process by switching appliance on and off or nervously opening the lid. Let the water boil. Don’t take it out on the kettle. It was you who bought it and decided how fast it should be.

Don’t Try to Fix It Yourself

Chances are you are not an engineer and any attempt of fixing the kettle may actually add to its poor state. If you own expensive appliance you may seek professional help. It is wiser however to replace an item with new one as they are rather inexpensive and widely available.

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