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Removing Limescale from Stovetop Kettles

No matter how good stovetop kettle you have bought it becomes affected with limescale after a while. It is caused by heating water which contains calcium salts. Unfortunately tap water is not of highest quality and every time you boil the water limescale deposits on internal walls of your kettle. If you neglect to clean your kettle from time to time, the task becomes more difficult. In our article we focus on effective ways to remove the limescale which in long term will improve kettle’s durability and let you enjoy higher quality hot drinks.

3 Ways to remove limescale

Use Cleaning Agent

You may simply use a cleaning agent designated for this task. However, before you approach cleaning process make sure you read manual instruction which should be provided by manufacturer with every model. It should clarify what type of cleaning agents you may use and what is not recommended. If you don’t have manual please do not attempt to apply any cleaner to kettle’s interior. Limescale removal products are widely available. If you have any doubts progress to another step which recommends natural lime juice

Use Natural Lime Juice

This works well. Simply fill kettle with one cup of lime juice and add hot water so the whole interior is filled with the mixture. You don’t have to do anything else. Simply leave it for few hours. If possible and convenient leave it overnight and empty it in the morning. Fill kettle with water and empty it once again. Most of the limescale deposit should be removed. This method doesn’t allow for removing 100% of deposit but effectively reduces negative effects of limescale and help you to extend its longevity.

Use White Vinegar

This is efficient and natural way to remove the limescale. Firstly fill the kettle with water. Make sure all limescale affected areas has been covered. You may fill whole kettle to make sure you remove less visible deposit. Set kettle to boil and wait. When the water hit boiling level add white vinegar. How much? About a quarter of all water in the kettle. After a while limescale should dissolve. Whole process should take about an hour but is not disturbing as you don’t have to supervise it. Make sure you don’t need to use kettle at the time of limescale removal. All the methods presented above are effective. We believe removing limescale with vinegar is the best one. If you decided to use cleaning agent remember that it will cost you significantly more than natural products. If you can avoid it than do so.

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