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Timeless Kettle's Design

As most of modern eclectic kettle offer almost identical features buyers turn their minds into design. They choose kettle based on its look. In most of the time they want kettle to match kitchen’s design or at least to follow trends. Kettle chosen only because it looked fashionable at some period of time very often disappoints and become unwelcomed part of kitchen equipment. Unfortunately not everyone can afford changing kettle each season and become forced to use item which lost all charm. You may review modern trends here and see yourself if you are one of the customers who follow them. In this article we try to focus on timeless designs which can assure your appliance will look nice and fresh even a decade after you buy it. In world of fashion it is called classic design. So we look for classic (not necessary retro) models which looked good yesterday, look good today and will look good tomorrow.

Classic Retro Style Stove Top Kettles

Wesco Classic Line Retro Kettle

This available in many colours stovetop kettle is not very functional but also beautifully made. It has excellent proportions and all elements look solid. Wesco classic line offers kettles which are on the market for decades with almost identical, unchanged design. Technology of production may have changed but deign stays the same. This item is searched by many customers which only prove its look steal appeals to consumers.

Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Athena

You can’t find simpler kettle than this one yet it is very popular and probably the best selling stovetop kettle in Great Britain. It has all features required from modern stovetop model such as cool handle but beautiful design is what appeals to user the most. It is available in different colours, all look classically timeless.

Classic Design Eclectic Kettles

After seeing those beautifully made stovetop models you may wonder if we were able to find their equally good electric counterparts. To be honest the task wasn’t easy but luckily there is few models which can aspire to classical item.

Philips HD4685 Essential

This Philips model has only one weak point – the price. It costs more than £50 which makes it expensive enough to stop customers from buying. But it looks a good investment as simple design and simplicity makes it almost timeless. It looks good in almost every kitchen and is very durable.

Dualit Jug Kettle 72400

This elegant kettle from Dualit is a combination of two styles. It uses all the elements of modern electric appliance but its style is inspired by retro design. Effect is more than satisfactionary. It gives it classic look. This combined with quality features gives a good mix which will serve you well even in 5 years. Unfortunately just like an Philips model it is quite expensive. Read reviews of these kettles here.

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