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Trendy Kettles for 2012

You would think most of the customers seek for a good and durable kettle but you are wrong. Consumers love to follow the trends and each year brings something new. Few years ago white kettles where the majority but things changed when stainless-steel finish appliances start to win customers over. This trend continued for few years and even now metal appliances dominate in British kitchens. So let's analyse what items are fashionable in 2012

Glass Kettles Frenzy

Bored with the tiny water gouge your kettle has? Why not to buy a one with a glass see-through wall? This is the most searched item of this year. Glass kettles look good in any kitchen. Whey stands out in the crowd of ordinary appliances. What makes them different from other electric kettles (apart from design obviously)? Well, nothing really. They are just an ordinary kettles dressed up in fancy packaging. This is actually good as they not only look good but boil water fast (most of them are equipped with 3kW heating element). All of them got flat concealed heating element so you don’t see anything but water in its interior. Most of them got cool handle and filter which prevents against limescale. One of the best glass kettles available on UK market is Russell Hobbs 15082 Glass Kettle. It guarantees rapid boil and got illuminating interior which only boost up its already great look. Glass appliances are only slightly more expensive than their standard counterparts. They come from variety of manufactures.

Cons of Glass Kettles

The biggest disadvantage of a glass kettle is the fact that you have to clean it frequently in order to keep it limescale-free. Limescale and overall dirty interior may spoil whole glass effect. Luckily maintaining it is not difficult. You may find some help over here.

Retro Kettles

Everyone who at least did a basic research surely spotted that plenty of electrical kettles are now styled on retro stovetop appliances. Two brands are seemed to specialise in those kinds of kettles: Delonghi and Russell Hobbs. All of kettles manufactured by them are of top quality and got all features of modern kettles. They look stylish and stand out in every kitchen. 2012 is also a year of a triumphal comeback for stovetop kettles. Those slightly forgotten appliances are getting back to the top. Customers don’t mind that they boil water 5 times slower than their electric counterparts. What really matters is a style and a chance of possessing unique item. Modern stovetop models are more advances that they assessors. They have useful features such as cool handle or whistle which might be opened with use of trigger placed below the handle. Among best retro kettles are Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Athena and DeLonghi KBE3014. Although pricey they guarantee top quality and great user experience. What else could be a new trend for 2012? It looks to us that multi-purpose kettles will become more popular as financial crisis force people to saving money. Multi-purpose kettles may serve as a travel and home kettle. They are usually of lower capacity and don’t have all those fancy features full size appliances have but are adequate for some users.

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