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Red, Blue, Pink or Green – What Colour of a Kettle to Choose and Which to Avoid?

Most of the unusually coloured kettles you see on the British market were created to match a kitchen design rather than satisfy esthetical needs. Most of the kettles are usually available in traditional colours such as white, black and silver. Most of the manufacturers don’t want to risk producing something which will not find many customers. That mean it is harder for consumers to find any of originally coloured kettles than it is to find they traditionally painted counterparts. Favourite colours change with kitchens’ designs. Depending on the season or current fashion we will find kitchens made in black, green or red. Once the kitchen design changes you need to change several appliances so they can match new design perfectly. Obviously there are no differences in quality based on colour and most of the appliances share features with more traditional items. Let’s have a look if it’s worth to spend money on colourful kettles.

Red Kettles

If you seek for a red kettle consider yourself lucky as there is relatively big number of red kettles on the UK market. They are available in three versions: stovetop, electric and travel. The lowest price we found was for electric red kettle was £19 for Breville VKJ583 (data collected on 02/2012). The cheapest stovetop model was almost £14 cheaper – Pendeford Warehouses Whistling Kettle for £5.99. Laytron offers the lowest price for red travel kettle with £14.99. Not surprisingly you will find all reputable manufacturers making small appliances in this particular colour. Among them are Breville, Le’Express, Morphy Richards, Delonghi, Kenwood and Tefal. They are available from many reputable sellers including Comet, Amazon or Tesco. Use our price comparison tools for finding the best current deal. Especially interesting are models with red accents. Most of them are of steel or silver colour which combined with red accents gives the feel of high quality. Our favourite is Dualit 1.5L Jug 72401, simple yet elegant and fully functional.

Blue Kettles

Many of small appliances are available in wide colours range. There is no surprise blue as one of the most popular and searched colours will be among them. Blue kettles are available from different manufacturers and sellers in different shades. From light blue to dark blue – you should really find something which will fully suit your needs. The cheapest blue model we found comes from Johns Cross store and cost as little as £6.99. This stovetop version was design for a use in caravans and camping. The biggest range of electric blue kettles is offered by Breville. So of the models are painted blue and some only illuminates in blue. Please be aware that most of the images presenting illuminating kettle show them in switched on mode. Once the kettle is switched off illumination disappears and so does blue colour. Top brands for this kind of items are Breville, Morphy Richards, Prestige, Russell Hobbs and many others. In our opinion it is the most risky colour as it is very unlikely it will match your kitchen’s style.

Pink Kettles

Pink kettles are design to satisfy needs of the generation of young and often single ladies. It’s a risky buy as it doesn’t match many kitchen designs. There is not many pink models out on the market and most of them are electric ones. The cheapest we found cost £15 (Swan SK18030). It’s obviously not a top quality item but has nice intensive pink colour. Kenwood, and Morphy Richards are among top pink kettles manufacturers. According the number of positive reviews the most popular pink model is Pretty Pink Polka Dot kettle available from many reputable sellers. This available in Argos item costs around £30. Is pink kettle worth buying after all? Well, technically it is appliance similar to any other but the colour makes it very unique. This uniqueness may work for you as long you live alone. It doesn’t sound like a great idea for family kettle.

Green Kettles

Green appliances are available in different shades of this calming colour. The most popular is lime green which has significant amount of searches according to Google. Lime green appliances became popular within last two or three years and many consumers decorate whole kitchen that way. Far less popular is dark green with literally only few models available in this colour. You may find them in any category you need, from travel to stovetop kettles. The cheapest one we found costs around £5 (Royal Whistling Kettle). The most expensive is Delonghi Icona for as much as £69.99 (data collected on 09/02/2012 from Twenga.co.uk). However usual price for green kettle doesn’t extend market average. You should expect to pay around £40 for high quality product. The most popular is Morphy Richards 43804 which comes in lime green (any many other colours). Delonghi is the most reputable manufacturer for items available in this colour but brands such as Morphy Richards and Kenwood also have a good green items selection in their small appliances range.

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