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DeLonghi, Breville, Dualit or Morphy Richards Kettles – What are the Best Kettles Brands?

There are more high quality kettles on the market than it was ever before and manufacturers are aware customers demand highest standards even if they have to pay more. Years ago electric kettles were cheap replacement for stovetop models and were used mainly in workplaces. Nowadays they are integral part of any modern kitchen and are the most used small appliance. Top brands started to compete against each other increasing quality of items and winning customers with nicely finished, practical and beautiful products. The most searched brands on UK market are now DeLonghi, Breville, Dualit and Morphy Richards. They manufacture kettles of different quality but their prices are usually way above the market average. So, which one of them is really worth buying? We guide you through top models and help you to choice the one which will suit all your requirements.

DeLonghi Kettles Overview

The number of models released by DeLonghi isn’t impressive which makes it even more an elite brand. DeLonghi kettles are trending now as most of them are styled for traditional kettles. Similarity with stovetop kettles ends up on exterior design as they are packed with features any high quality modern product should have. You will find out that most of them share the same capacity of 1.7 litres and boil the water rapidly with concealed element having 3kW of power. The most popular model is by all chance Delonghi Icona KBO3001. It comes with red, silver, cream and black colours. It is the most search kettle if to believe data provided by Google. Its pear like shape and good colouring won it many customers. Another popular model is Delonghi KBJ3001 which has fish skin imitating finish and also comes with different colour patterns.

Delonghi Kettles Price Range

Unfortunately Delonghi doesn’t have any inexpensive models in their collection. We would say it is exclusive kettles league for customers who don’t check the price before making a purchase. The cheapest one we found was Delonghi KBE3014 which on the day we checked the price was valued at £30. However it was already twice reduced price tag (probably forced by poor sale statistics for this particular model). The most expensive one is Delonghi Icona which may cost you around £60 to £90. If you choose this brand expect to pay something around £45 - £60 on average. It is obviously above the market average for electric kettle.

Are DeLonghi kettles worth buying?

You may be surprised with the number of negative reviews on our website regarding their durability and quality of design. Throughout the web world however positive opinions are overwhelming and hundreds of users recommend them as supreme products. Considering its price to what you get ration there are probably better manufactures to go for. But it would be hard to beat DeLonghi when it comes to the look of item.

Breville Kettles Quick Overview

While Delonghi models are similar to each other Breville has plenty of unique and well made models to choose from. Also they prices vary so you can get good quality electric kettle for good price knowing Breville reputation stands behind it. You can find everything from plastic to glass kettles in the wide range of Breville kettles. Most of them have similar capacity. Most of the time it is around 1.7l. There are however slightly smaller models with lower capacity. Most of them are also rapid boil appliances. Cheaper models however can have wattage lower than 3kW (3kW guarantees rapid boil). One of the most popular Breville models is VKJ386. It comes with all the features of modern and efficient kettle and luckily for consumers it doesn’t cost much. Many customers have chosen Breville JK147 Glass Kettle. This beautiful item looks great in every kitchen. It requires however constant maintenance effort as glass kettle loose it charm once the glass becomes dirty.

Breville Kettles Price Tag

As we have mentioned before prices of particular models vary and are available to customers with different wallet. The cheapest we found during our research was Breville VKJ396 which cost no more than £17. The most expensive was Breville VKJ160 and JK73 which cost £70 and £75 respectively. Top price shouldn’t worry you a single bit as you can find good quality Breville model for around of £25 - £30. This makes it very affordable and puts Breville on the top of price league.

Are Breville Kettles Worth Buying?

Some models are worth some aren’t. You should really do your research once you decided to go after one of the brands kettles. Positive reviews around the Internet prize particular models. Our website also let you to check props and cons of each model and see how customers rated them.

Dualit Kettles Overview

You will find close similarity between particular Dualit kettles. They compete with DeLonghi for a reputation of best kettles designer. Top notch finish and perfect colours harmony are big advantages of Dualit kettles. Most of them come in stainless tell finish with colour accents. Styled for stovetop kettles they surely will look good in your kitchen. Most of these small appliances have capacity of 1.5l. The biggest one, like Dualit Dome 72750 can store up to 2 lites of water. The most popular model is Dualit Jug 72400 in version with black accents.

How much Dualit Kettles cost?

Unfortunately they cost above the average for the electric appliance. The least expensive model we found was Dualit Dome DA7222. Still its price was more than £50. Its bigger version, Dualit Dome 2L 72750 may cost you around £70 and this is the highest price we found during our research. Expect to pay anything from £50 to £60 for a solid Dualit kettle.

Morphy Richards Kettles

From all 4 manufacturers described in our article Morphy Richards is the most budget friendly. One of the biggest advantages of this brand is wide range of kettles which come in almost every colour and shape. Morphy Richards makes all types of kettles and have in store successful range of stovetop appliances (Morphy Richards Traditional Kettles). Most of the models have similar functionality and usability. The main advantage of its electric kettles range is rather large well visible water gouge which let you check current level of water in the kettle. Unlike some other manufacturers Morphy Richards places water window on the side of the appliance so the handle doesn’t cover the gouge (like in some models where window is placed behind the handle). The most popular model is Morphy Richards 43172. It comes in variety of colours and despite high quality its price is not a stretch to home budget.

How Much You Have to Pay for Morphy Richards Kettle?

It depends. The cheapest model cost around £10 (Morphy Richards 43530). When its price has been reduced it cost £7, which literally is a steal for this kind of appliance. Famous Traditional model (stovetop version) costs around £40. Very often however prices are reduced for less popular colour versions so check our website for the best current price. The most expensive model we found was Morphy Richard Elipta for £70.

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