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Philips HD4671

This beautiful product from Philips has all the features expected from a modern kettle. It provides safety with its automatic shut-off feature and double boil-dry protection. Less important safety features are non-slip feet and hinged locking lid. Other features were added just for the comfort of daily use. Ergonomic grip is comfortable and prevents kettle from slipping out of your hand. When needed, you can easily place kettle back on its base. It doesn't matter which angle you will do it from as a swivel, 360 degree base let you do it your way. Probably the best part of this kettle is its power. 3000 Watts mean nothing else but the rapid boil. You won't wait long for your morning cup of tea (or coffee). Cleaning this item was made easier as flat heating element let you clean inside the kettle much faster. This brushed metal kettle is energy efficient which has particular meaning when you use kettle often.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Brushed Metal
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360-degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.75
Cord storage: yes


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good, boils water fast
This inexpensive kettle looks good and more importantly work a charm. First thing I expect from electric kettle is to boil water fast. Really fast. I'm inpatient and standing next to the kettle waiting for water to be ready makes me angry. Especially in the morning when I have to save every minute to get to work on time. This item is an excellent solution for me. If you need fast and reliable kettle this one is for you.
Submitted by Ronda
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It's so much better than my last kettle. This one looks stylish (finally). The base allows putting the kettle in any orientation. What I like the most is its cost effectiveness. It allows boiling water for just one cup. it's down to that flat heating element, I presume. It's also easier to clean inside, than a traditional kettle (like my last one0. Absolutely affordable, yet quality product with a reputable badge.
Submitted by E. Burns
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Incredibly fast
I had been using a stove-top/gas kettle till it burnt over a month ago. Bought the Philips and have been using it since then. It's so much quicker than a gas kettle. I couldn't believe it. Don't really know if this model is so fast or what, but following other peoples' experiences I can assume it is. It looks amazing and fits the 'brushed metal range' of equipment in my kitchen. No spillages have been spotted. So far so good. Hope it'll last long.
Submitted by Emma Hogg
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Inexpensive and powerful
Way better than my previous one. Very fast and inexpensive. Quality product for little money.
Submitted by JackR
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