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Philips HD4656

The stylish Philips gloss metal kettle has all the functionality required for comfortable use. It is a cordless version so it is based on plate. Base of a kettle stays on the worktop while you can use jag freely. That way it is easier to fill it with water on move item to another room. 1.7 litres is more than you probably require. Gouge got a scale which shows how many cups of water you are actually going to boil. Water gouge could be more visible especially when the kettle is still hot and steam drops gather on it. Dry-boil protection prevents kettle from accidental damage when you try to boil water without checking if there is a required minimum level of water in the jag. This energy efficient item let you save up to 66% energy which means money savings on electrical bills. Power cord storage let you hide cable inside the base. Doing so saves up some space on the worktop. This visually attractive item may be a good solution for consumers seeking for a solid yet inexpensive kettle.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Gloss Metal
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360-degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.75
Cord storage: yes


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Very good kettle in more than a very good price. Works quietly, looks great. Water doesn't drip while pouring water, so no marks ans spillages. There's one minor thing I don't really like. It's not so easy to see the water level, as the window is placed just behind the handle. Apart from that brilliant.
Submitted by Ivie
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2 years of problem-less use
I've it for two yeras now. It was bought by my lady from Amazon for less than £30. It's a bit noisy and the visibilty of water gouge could be better (it becomes steamy) but overall it's a good and durable item. I've seen someone submit an image of the broken on/off switch but I don't see the way you can break it without actually applying some above-the-average power into switching it. Be careful with its metal walls as they become rather hot during boiling!
Submitted by Tomasz
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Be careful
Not used to get burnt by a cordless kettle so I'm not impressed with this one, especially its a Philips. I didn't have any problems with my last kettle, but that one was plastic so maybe that's the difference. Apart from that it's quite good actually.
Submitted by Janet
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