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Philips HD4632

This great eco-friendly kettle allows you to set the temperature so you can adjust it according to your needs. Depending on what you boiling water for you may choose different setting so your tea, green tea or coffee are prepared with water of adequate temperature for better taste. Cup indicator let you precisely boil water for one, two or more cups. Pirouette base mean you can put the jug on kettle's base from any angle you wish. Spring lid covers the jug which may be filled by taking up a lid or via large spout. Ergonomic grip handle was made for your comfort and fits any hand. Great feature if you need to keep jug for a while pouring water to many cups. Standard 1.6 litres capacity makes this appliance fully functional family kettle. 3000 Watt power let you boil water with am matter of seconds. This beautiful item is easily affordable and can make nice addition to your kitchen equipment. It has washable filter for even cleaner water. It was equipped with light which illuminates while the kettle is on.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Brushed Metal
Capacity: 1.6litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360-degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.75
Cord storage: yes


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very pleased with item
I'm very pleased with this eco kettle. I see how you save energy with it. Temperature control and cup indicator means less wasted energy. I absolutely love the design! This is the most beautiful item in my kitchen. I hope it will last for long, so far very pleased with this product.
Submitted by Ms G
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great Philips kettle
This is my 2nd kettle from Philips. The previous one was amazing. It served me well for two years until the last month. My husband damaged it physically after the night out with friends. This one looks like a proper replacement for my old Philips and I hope for the same durability. I search for a travel kettle now and I'm sure I will buy another Philips product.
Submitted by ceez
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I have it for 4 months now and it works a charm. Temperature control, although not perfect, is a useful feature, especially if you are a coffee fan. The speed it boils the water with is amazing and it's the fastest kettle I ever had. Don't know (don't care) how really eco friendly it is but if it is then even better. Recommended.
Submitted by smiley
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just excellent
I was just about to leave a positive review of this Philips kettle on Amazon so I can do it here as well. It's truly a great kettle with all the features needed for comfortable use. It boils water fast and is easy to carry around. Handle does not get too hot and is comfortable. Water gouge is well visible and jag is easy to fill. Design is attractive. I've made a good purchase.
Submitted by saluteme
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