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Russell Hobbs 15082 Glass Kettle

Illuminating Glass Kettle
This truly unique electric kettle combines amazing futuristic design with usability. It boils water fast supported with 3000W concealed element. Manufacturer clams it creates "wow" factor in your kitchen and it surely does. This illuminating glass kettle not only looks great but also performs well. It has all the features expected form the modern electric model.360-degree base is comfortable for left and right handed users. The lid of this kettle is opened by push of the button. Kettle is easy to fill and rather large spout allows for easy pouring. It has standard 1.7 litres capacity with striking blue LED lightening ring. Manufacturer equipped this model with washable filter which significantly improves quality of boiled water. In the long run filter will protect the kettle increasing its lifetime. It has 0.7m cable which can be store inside the base which helps you keep worktop tidy. Glass walls let you check water level without need of looking through tiny water gouge. It also helps to notice if kettle require some cleaning.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Glass
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.25kg
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.72
Cord storage: yes


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Beautiful and practical
Whoever decides to buy this very expensive kettle should be aware that water boiled in it will not any better than water boiled in kettle which happened to be three times cheaper. It’s all about the look and for just this I think it’s worth every penny. It looks great in the kitchen. I refurbished mine 4 months ago and replaced all furniture. Now with addition of Russell Hobbs 15082 kitchen looks modern and spacious. But don’t worry – it’s good kettle after all. Functional and practical. 5/5
Submitted by Sonya, York
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needs to be clean often!
It looks good and... Requires constant maintenance. Glass walls are great thing but you have to treat it like a little fish tank. It must be cleaned often otherwise any limescale will ruin whole effect! Ask yourself if you’re ready for this kind of challenge?
Submitted by whatwhat
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you won't regret buying it
It looks so great that I almost forgot how much did I pay for it. Design has impressed all of my friends and family and for that reason it was worth the price. Unfortunately I have to spend more time maintaining it than I used to with my old plastic kettle. Of course you should clean any type of kettle from time to time anyway. Apart from different look this glass kettle performs just as any other kettle. It’s useful and boils water fast. If you can afford it and have some time to maintain it – buy it, you won’t regret it.
Submitted by M. Cosma
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It really has a wow-factor. Looks absolutely superb. No more boring stuff in my kitchen. The kettle boils water quickly and pours it nicely. There's no problem with measuring water level ;) There's a bit of a problem with limescale but proper maintenance sorts it out. Cool stuff as long as it's maintained properly.
Submitted by
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Don't bother
I looks fantastic and that was the reason I bought it. The thing is that it catches limescale very quickly and some of it I simply can't remove. Should have thought about it before the purchase. Think twice!
Submitted by Kira
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All show
Very poor kettle. Looks great but in use it is hopeless. Very poor pour, you have to tip the kettle over a long way. Worst of all is that the water becomes tainted by a chemical taste. Impossible to make a good cup of tea with this kettle.
Submitted by Ann Irving
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