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Russell Hobbs 18152

This simple and elegant electric kettle from Russell Hobbs has an attractive polished steel body. Concealed element makes interior of this useful kettle easy to clean. Element is also powerful it boils water with a power of 3000 Watts which means it boils rapidly. Anti-scale filter used in this small appliance prevents against limescale build up. This can significantly extend lifetime of the kettle. 360-degree, rotational base is now almost a standard for any high quality appliance and this also let you place the jug on the base from any angle you wish to. Illuminated on/off switch let you easily check if kettle is on in darkness. Trailing power leads are also not a problem as the lead can be stored inside the base giving you some extra space on the worktop. It is a bit noisy but not to the extent you could find it annoying. Kettle comes with instruction booklet and guarantee card.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Steel
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360-degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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happy with my purchase
I’m happy I decided to buy a kettle from British manufacturer. I was hesitating as there is plenty of electric kettles on the market for similar price. I think this one stand out of crowd of other kettles with high quality of finish. It does the job – it boils water fast and is easy to fill up. Water gouge could be of better visibility but it’s not something which could bother me. Overall I’m very happy with my purchase.
Submitted by Gina
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noisy but worth buying
I find it a bit too noisy but so far I couldn’t find a single kettle which is quieter than this one. I assume if you want a rapid boil (and this one is very fast) you have to get use to a fact that they make some noise. I’m not too happy about the placement of water gouge. It’s placed in the back where the handle is attached so somehow you have limited access to it. It’s a solid kettle which will hopefully last longer than my previous Philips. Worth buying.
Submitted by ALexander
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very good kettle
I bought it half-priced and I did a great deal in my opinion. Simple as it is Russell Hobbs delivers! It boils water rapidly. It produces some noise in the process but you can actually “hear” its power, especially when boiling comes to the end. It’s easy to fill but it’s a bit hard to guess water level if you look at it from the top. Handle stays cool so you can easily pour water soon after it boiled. It’s also easy to place jug back on the plate (or base). Very good kettle.
Submitted by Sam
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