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Russell Hobbs 13775

This stylish jet black body electric kettle is a great solution for customers who care about quality and performance of items they own. With Russell Hobbs 13775 you power which let you boil water extremely fast. 3000W guarantee rapid boil. Short boiling time matters especially during the morning rush. With 1.7 litres capacity it can serve well as a family kettle. Removable washable filter improves quality of water but also prevents kettle against limescale build up. Washing it takes less than a minute and you can remove it without any problems. As other electric Russell Hobbs models this one has cordless jug which gets it power from the rotational base. Base got cable storage to help you keep worktop tidy. Water gouge has been placed behind the handle. Handle itself doesn't become too hot after boiling and allows for firm and comfortable grip. Power on indicator lights on when the kettle is in use, useful feature for nights.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360-degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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I don’t boil water to often except in the morning before I go out to work. This kettle boils water very fast, much faster than my previous jug kettle. It looks nice, fits my kitchen’s design. So far there is nothing negative I could say about it.
Submitted by D.
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not bad
I have accidently drop this kettle twice last year and despite this it works fine. We use it as family kettle and it’s very helpful in the morning. Morning cuppa is a must for me, my husband and my children so I boil 4 cups of water minimum. It doesn’t take much time for Russell Hobbs to finish and we all can enjoy cuppa before going out for work/school. It’s not as easy to clean as I thought it would be. I used any advice on limescale removal but nothing works well. I don’t like the position of the water gouge either. It’s not as readable as I wish it was. Overall I think I did a good deal on it.
Submitted by A. I.
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Has all he feature I need and is inexpensive. We have one like this at work and it's been with us for a few months now. As I quite liked it I bought it. Serves me well, boils water fairly quickly and is rotatable.
Submitted by rayray
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Works fine
Not bad at all. Affordable, decent quality, boils water quite fast. Looks OK as well.
Submitted by Dixie
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1 star kettle
Item delivered to me 5 months ago was poorly designed. I didn’t have to wait long time for effects of poor design to show up. On indicator stopped working. Even before, I struggled to see if the kettle is actually on while facing the kettle. Light was more visible from the side. How strange. After 5 months I could see water gathering around the base. It must be leaking but I fail to identify where the water comes from. Black coating doesn’t seem to be of highest quality either. Luckily I didn’t pay full price for it. 1 star item.
Submitted by Emma, Kent
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