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Russell Hobbs 15075

This lightweight Russell Hobbs electric kettle weights only 0.91 and is easy to lift it up even when it's full of water. Capacity of 1.6 litres makes good choice forth average-sized family. It boils water rapidly thanks to powerful 3kW concealed element. It's concealed so cleaning up kettle's interior is not difficult so it can be done quite frequently. Like most of the modern electric kettle this one is based on 360 degree rotational plate which gives easy access to the jug for both left and right handed. Item is available in traditional white colour and doesn't stand out for the crown d of similar models. However it is of good quality and costs relatively less than the market average for this type of item. Dual water window let you easily judge current water level in the jug. It is additionally equipped with removable and washable filter for the top quality water. Handle of this 15075 doesn't become to hot so you can carry jug around soon after the water boiled.
Power: 3000W
Colour: White
Capacity: 1.6litres
Weight: 0.91kg
Base: cordless
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.7
Cord storage: yes


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solid inexpensive kettle
Average, common design of Russell Hobbs 15075 is its big advantage! I changed design of my kitchen and had to change microwave because it was spoiling new designed. It didn’t match it. Russell Hobbs with its classic white colour and plastic cover blend with new kitchen nicely and let me save few £ on new kettle. For 1.5 year it boils water effectively and has never failed me. If you set it for one/two cup of waters it boils water rapidly. It’s a bit noisy but it’s something you can get use to. It comes in attractive price so it’s a no brainer for anyone looking for a solid inexpensive kettle.
Submitted by Brad
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cheap, fast
Very average-looking, actually looks cheaper than the image here suggests. Still, it does the job and boils water faster than my previous expensive Breville. It pours water evenly without splashing hot water around. A filter prevents dirt against getting into my cuppa. It’s also very easy to fill. If the price would be higher I would probably go for other item. But it costs next to nothing so the choice was obvious.
Submitted by Miranda, London
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Boils water very fast. Quite comfortable, water level can be viewed easily, pours water with no spills. On the top of that all: inexpensive.
Submitted by Sheila
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faulty lid
The lid of this kettle springs open and I’m not the only person to notice it. It is something you don’t want! Lid should be tightly closed but apparently there is something wrong with the way this model has been constructed. It’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed with Russell Hobbs product.
Submitted by Anna, Worcester
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