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Russell Hobbs 18278

This deluxe stainless steel kettle has all features which let you boil water fast and pour it with comfort. Handle of this 1.7 litres electric kettle stays cool even just after the boiling and let you carry hot kettle without unpleasant feel of burning hand. Powerful Russell Hobbs model has whopping 3000 Watts which boil water rapidly. Large capacity and express boiling makes it great family kettle. Simple but elegant design will match any kitchen. The lid may be lifted up with an easy-open push-button. This allow for easy and fast fill in. Concealed element makes interior cleaning easy and much faster. This jug kettle is based on rotational 360 degree based which provides an easy access for left and right handed users. Once the boiling process starts kettle illuminates in blue. Rather large water window gives fair idea about the current water level inside the kettle. Additionally Russell Hobbs 18278 was equipped with washable filter which improves quality of boiled water. Power cord attached to the base can be store inside it letting you keep things tidy.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Very good kettle for reasonable price
It’s defiantly the best electric kettle I had so far and easy beats my old Breville in terms of quality. It boils water almost rapidly. Water is ready before I even prepare everything for my morning cuppa. I love lid opening mechanism. I had to lift lid up with my hand in my old Breville, here I just press the button and the lid comes up. It makes however cleaning inside the kettle a bit more difficult as the lid want to shut itself automatically once you release the button. Not a big issue though. It’s still easy to clean. Especially outside. My tip – wipe it out once its still warm (outside walls). Very good kettle for reasonable price.
Submitted by R. Rand, Portsmouth
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Russell Hobbs 18278 Review
I’m very happy with my purchase! It’s a high quality kettle with all features you would expect from modern kettle. My previous kettle was the simplest one from Argos for less than £7. I thought there is no much difference between kettles after all but now I see how wrong was I. My previous cheap kettle didn’t have rotational base. This one has and this is such an improvement! Much more comfortable to use. Handle doesn’t become hot, lid closes tightly and can be opened with one press of button. Nice. Finally, it looks great and invites you for cuppa rather than scares you off.
Submitted by Becky
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