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DeLonghi KBE3014

Classic Cordless Kettle
Great, original design is without something which attracts customers to this electric kettle. Styled for stovetop appliance it brings traditional kettles on mind. At the same time it is modern and powerful kettle capable of fast boiling. Standard 1.7 litres capacity let it be used as family kettle. Based on 360 degree rotational plate item may be used comfortable for both left and right hand users. To improve quality of boiled water DeLonghi equipped its item with removable, washable limescale filter which in long run increases a lifetime of this small kitchen appliance. Its one of those rapid boils kettles which brings water to the boiling point in the matter of second (well, it depends of course how much water do you boil). Base of this elegant kettle has non-slip feet and cord storage so there is no unnecessary mess on your worktop. Although KBE3014-2 has limescale filter it is wise to clean interior from time to time. Concealed element makes it easier. It is relatively heavy for the item from this category. 1.9kg gives it impression of solid and durable item. Just like good stovetop kettles from the past.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Cream
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.9kg
Base: 360 rotational
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Pricey but excellent!
Although it’s a rather pricey item it’s worth every penny. It brings me memories of good old times when water was boiled in stovetop kettles on the hob. Although I love the tradition I’m more than happy with the speed this kettle offers. Started with minimum level of water it boils it in no time not giving you a chance to put tea bag and a spoon of white sugar (that's how I take my tea!) into the cup. It looks great only when it’s clean but luckily wet cloth is all you need to keep its exterior clean. Interior – well, I've never really cleaned it. About two weeks ago I spotted a small leak, water coming out of base area. Well, I believe there are no perfect appliances after all so I enjoy it for as long as it works.
Submitted by Anna, Wycombe
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Looks fantastic, rather like a non-electric kettle. In fact a friend of mine was surprised it was an electric one. Water heats up quickly, the kettle pours with no problems, well maybe it spills a drop or two. Nothing serious anyway. Cream colour isn't probably the most practical, but it's at least quite easy to clean.
Submitted by FS
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DeLonghi? Thank you, never again...
It may look like a solid durable item but it’s definitely a false impression. DeLonghi is in my opinion way overhyped and this model only proves my theory. It is seriously noisy – No conversation in the kitchen is possible while this one does its job. I snapped off the top knob (one on the lid) already. I repaired it myself but lid is not fitted properly and it’s hard to open so I believe soon it will go off again. For this price I would expect something of higher quality. Good design will not trick me again and this is the last DeLonghi model I’ve ever bought.
Submitted by Bob Holstein
36 out of 40 visitors found this review helpful.
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