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DeLonghi Argento KBX3016

This DeLonghi kettle is similar to other models from this manufacturer. Customers will enjoy aesthetics of exceptional design. This is one of the kettles which will actually stand out among kitchen appliances and more less sum up its character. Great design is meets here modern technology and DeLonghi KBX3016 has everything to ensure comfortable and fast water boiling. 3000Watts concealed element not only ease up interior cleaning but also gives so called rapid boil. DeLonghi Argento weights only 1.2kg and is easy to carry around even when it's full. Handle stays cool and provide firm grip making pouring from it safe. Like any high quality kettle this one is based on rotational plate which has cable storage to help you keep worktop tidy. Base has non-slip feet to prevent it from unnecessary movements. Removable, washable limescale filter serves two purposes: it filters limescale from water improving its taste and prevent from limescale build inside the kettle. This may lead to longer lifetime of this stylish, polish finish small kitchen appliance. Argento KBX3016 comes with 1 year warranty.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Steel
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.2kg
Base: 360 rotational
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Not great but so beautiful
I don’t boil water too often – twice a day is a maximum. That’s why I prise this kettle despite it being rather impractical. I understand also that the comfort of use had to be compromised with unique, beautiful design. All of my friends visiting me admire it. Performance is not bad either. It boils water very fast. What else you expect from such a simple appliance? It’s also lightweight and if you wait for a boiled water to settle a bit it doesn’t splash so much.
Submitted by Miranda
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The kettle looks gorgeous. It's so different from all other kettles. Water gauge is clear and easy to see. The spout is a bit too small to comfortably to pour water in, however does a brilliant job on pouring out. The lid comes off with no problems, however sits quite tight. The kettle boils water quickly and isn't too loud. Would buy it once again.
Submitted by Robbie
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poor quality
I was negatively surprised with the quality this model has to offer. While it looks great on pictures and in reality it is very impractical and user-unfriendly at the same time. Small top lid is forced by the overall design but it makes filling kettle with water a bit of a task. It’s very annoying during these busy morning when you already late and every minutes counts. If you think you can use spout for filling it you are wrong. It’s too small and you will end up wet if you opened tap on full stream. Lid is so tight that it is hard to open it. Tiny size makes it difficult to clean inside the kettle. Try to fit your hand inside! Pouring water wasn’t made easy either. Same problem – tiny spout. Water accumulates on spout’s entry and try to get out. Result? It doesn’t pour evenly. It produces some sort of large water drops which splash the water once they hit its surface. Thanks Anna for recommending it to me, it’s my worst £50 ever invested. Buy it only if you look for a beautiful design.
Submitted by Edna
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