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Philips HD4685 Essential

Although we think Philips 4685 is a good kettle it's a bit overpriced for the features it has. 1 litre capacity may be adequate for you needs but its size puts it rather into travel kettles category. Available in two colours item (black & white) has a power of 2400 Watts. Many of Philips kettles are more powerful but 2400 Watts still let you boil water fast. This cordless appliance has 0.75 metre cord attached to the base. This let you use it freely and make it particularly easy to fill with the water as you can place jug next to the tap. It has boil-dry protection which protects you against switching on kettle while jug is empty. Large water gouge is well visible although water level is presented in litres rather than cups. Stainless steel exterior gives it shiny and elegant look. Design is actually the main factor customers pick this item for.
Power: 2400W
Colour: White
Capacity: 1litres
Weight: 0kg
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0


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way overpriced
Not that this kettle is bad but it's way overpriced. I've got as a gift from my parents and it works well. However you may get something better for less, also from Philips if you like it. Nothing beats it when it comes to design, I just love it! It looks really good. Simple and elegant. If you looking for quality go for something less expensive, if you shopping is based on item's design then go for it.
Submitted by Mr Grumpy
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too pricey
I bought it for £45 and I see that despite I got it for less than it costs now I still didn't do a good business. For £10 less I could get kettle which could boil water faster and of equal design. It's OK but too pricey.
Submitted by Jon
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Very good kettle. It's pricey I admit. But for the price you get quite fancy stuff. Most of all I like temperature settings. From now on the water doesn't have to be boiling hot. You can simply warm it up. How good is that. It saves some energy and time. It also looks fantastic (I also have a matching toaster).
Submitted by Gladys W
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