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Kenwood SJM250

This cordless electric kettle from Kenwood is a typical product in this category. It has all features to make it useful in your kitchen or workplace. It boils water fast using powerful 3kW heating element. This power gives it ability to boil water rapidly, which is especially visible when you boil minimum of water. 1.7 litres capacity makes it adequate for family use as it can easily handle 5 cups of water. Rotational base makes usage more comfortable and makes it ideal for both left and right handed users. Wide angled spout allow for easy pouring without water being splashed around. That mean you can pour water soon after it boiled. It has a single water gouge which let you easily check current water level. On/off switch illuminates when item is in use and stops illuminating once you the water is ready. It is equipped with removable filter which improves quality of water and protects kettle against fast limescale build-up. Product comes with 1 year guarantee.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.04kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Highly recommended
Good value for money. I don’t expect miracles from a kettle and it is in my kitchen to boil water only. And it does the job perfectly. It’s fast and looks solid. It lasted a year of heavy use from my family and I’m sure it will last for few years more. Unlike my previous kettle this one has large water window which is nice especially because of my poor sight. Other features such as swivel base makes it comfortable. Highly recommended.
Submitted by M. A.
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not bad
I doubt this kettle is as good as other reviewer stated and I doubt it will last for long. After 6 months of use I see already some leak in the bottom and I believe this will worsen soon. But considering the price (very low in my opinion) and its performance I still believe I’ve made a good purchase.
Submitted by OP
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switch stopped working properly
I think this is good kettle. Not better or worse than any of my previous electric kettles but one which does the job. It’s with my family for a year and a half and works as well as at the beginning. The weakest point of this model is a switch. Sometimes I’ve to keep it down throughout the boiling because for some reason it doesn’t want to saty down. Overall it’s a good kettle with all features you may need. 4 stars from me. Could be 5 but switch is a bit of disappointment.
Submitted by Tahir
31 out of 63 visitors found this review helpful.
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