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Kenwood kMix Boutique SJM048

This unusual kettle is available in many colours including yellow and green. Funky outside it has all required features inside giving you full control over boiling and comfort of use. Large handle stays cool and SureGrip feature makes carrying it around comfortable and safe. Water window has been placed just behind the handle so it's up to you if you like its position. Powerful concealed element makes interior easy to maintain and provide express boiling. Your morning cuppa can be made within seconds cutting time needed for a breakfast preparation. Removable and washable scale filter extends overall lifetime of a kettle by protecting it against limescale build up. It benefits you with better water as well. It's totally adjusted to family use with 1.7 litres capacity being adequate for 4-5 family members. It's solid and a bit heavy. It weights 1.96kg when empty which is a bit more than the market average. Swivel base =makes it comfortable for left and right handed users.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Yellow
Capacity: 1.6litres
Weight: 1.97kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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5 stars item
I bought yellow version of this kettle as it matches crazy design of my kitchen. It’s absolutely lovely and functional at the same time. It boils water in no time. You can comfortably grab the handle once the water is ready without unpleasant feel of hotness. Pouring from it is easy, water goes directly where you intend it to go and doesn’t splash even when you decide to pour faster. I don’t like the way water window has been placed. I got use to kettles with gouge in the side and somehow don’t like when it’s behind the handle. In other hand it makes kettle look better. It has concealed element, nlike my previous kettle. I love it because I may clean it with ease and enjoy good water all the time. 5 stars from me.
Submitted by Joanna, Essex
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If you can afford it buy it
It a little bit pricey but you get what you pay for – high quality kettle with all these fancy features. Handle is the best one. It is so comfortable I just love to squeeze it. It works well for taking my work related stress away :) Design is just excellent, high quality feel all the way. Water gouge placement is very unfortunate but surely I can live with it. I love the fact you can use only one cup of water to boil. It saves a lot of time. My previous kettle had some ridicules minimum water level and it took ages to get my morning tea ready. I blamed it every time I was late for work :) If you can afford it buy it, it’s really good.
Submitted by Dino
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