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Kenwood SKM100 Traditional

Fashionable design makes it one of the best looking kettles on the market right now. Nicely designed, it offers however more than just good looks. It is powerful kettle which can serve well as a appliance for a whole family. With capacity of 1.6 litres Kenwood SKM100 can boil enough water for 4-5 family members at one time and it does so in timely manner. Great for those fast-paced breakfasts when you want to enjoy some time with your family before rushing for work. It’s safe with boil dry protection and cool handle being guarantee of safe use. Concealed element makes interior easy to clean and slows down limescale build up process. It’s relatively lightweight with 1.26kg making it one of the lightest kettles in this category. It is based on 360 rotational plate for more comfortable use. Base is also power cord storage. Thanks to this you may keep cable tidy and enjoy more space on kitchen’s worktop. Product comes with 1 year manufacturer guarantee.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Brushed Steel
Capacity: 1.6litres
Weight: 1.276kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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highly recommended
I bought from Amazon 4 months ago and just want to share my thoughts. I based my choice entirely on great look of this item as it has similar to other features. . It was also one of the cheapest retro kettles I could find and the fact that it looks retro but is a modern electric appliance made it even more attractive in my eyes. In real life this kettle looks as nice as on the picture. If you maintain it properly it may keep it look. To clean exterior I just use wet cloth and clean it once it’s still warm. Interior is easy to clean as well. There is no element (well, it is not visible) so you can put your hand inside and simply remove the limescale. The handle of this kettle stays cool all the time (OK, it becomes warm but never hot) and is comfortable. It works fast, much faster than any other of my old kettles. What I don’t like it is a on/off switch which spoils design when it start to illuminate. Still, it’s a five stars item, highly recommended.
Submitted by DD, London
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very fast
I bought it like 8 months ago. I was looking for a retro kettle but was thinking about a stove top model. Then I’ve read how slow they are and decided to go for electric one. This one is two-in-one kettle. It looks retro but is actually very modern. Very fast. Easy to fill with water and easy to pour the water. It has big spout which doesn’t splash too much water. Nice. 4 stars from me.
Submitted by Mimi, London
29 out of 58 visitors found this review helpful.
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