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Kenwood SJM106 Metallics

High gloss anti-smear coating gives it elegant and impressive look. Item stands out of the crowd of other kitchen appliances and got functionality which matches it quality design. Large water dual window let you judge precisely water level. Smart Ecofill feature let you boil only one cup of water which saves some energy and improves boiling speed. Boiling is fast thanks to concealed powerful heating element which can boil one cup of water in seconds. This cordless Kenwood model sits on swivel power base which additionally serves as cord storage. On/off switch illuminates when item is in use. This practical electric model has been build with a use of cast aluminium which guarantees durability of exterior. Unfortunately it is one of the kettles which get hot outside so you have to be a little bit careful using it, especially if children are around. Item weights 1.2kg when empty so it's rather lightweight and should not be too heavy to be carried around. Manufacturer gives one year guarantee for it.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Auburn Copper
Capacity: 1.6litres
Weight: 1.2kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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I’m very happy with it.
Unlike my previous annoying Dualit kettle this one has easy to lift up lid. It is actually my first kettle I don’t have a lid-problem with. It’s easy to fill and but a bit heavy to move. Especially when full. Handle doesn’t become too hot and jug doesn’t splash too much water (just occasionally). It requires some cleaning. Gloss coating looks great but once kettle gets dirty it loses its charm. I wash it like once a fortnight and it’s enough to keep it shiny. I’m very happy with it.
Submitted by TJ
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Just a kettle, goo one
It’s just a kettle, a good one but just a kettle. It works fine, boils water quickly and has low minimum level required for boiling. It’s not noisy and definitely good looking. It’s get a bit hot juts like other metal kettles so get over it or don’t buy a metal appliance. 4 stars from me.
Submitted by Simon
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Good job Kenwood
Very good kettle. Looks really nice and does the job perfectly. It's pretty quick and rather silent. What I liked about it was the lack of plastic taste of water, that plastic kettles leave. Anti smear coating isn't perfect though and some fingerprints etc can still be seen. Should be really getting 9/10 rather than 4/5.
Submitted by MO
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too hot!!!
I don’t really what it is made of but this kettle turns into one hot metal can once it boils water! I would be very careful with it. It’s very annoying to use in tiny kitchen just as my one as you may touch it very often reaching for some other stuff on your worktop. Even more annoyingly this kettle say hot for a very long time and you can easily burn your skin even though it finished boiling some minutes ago. I cannot imagine myself keeping this item if kids are around. I live with my partner only but still consider buying something safer. Shame, because it looks nice and performs well.
Submitted by Zara
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