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Kenwood Kmix SKM034

This kettle combines look of traditional stovetop appliance with modern electric kettle. Features it has makes it comfortable to use. It looks great in every kitchen bringing back memories when stovetop kettles were heavily used. Its not one of these rapid boil kettles but 2200W still provides adequate power to boil water fast and let you prepare your cuppa within reasonable time. It has less than market average capacity (1.2l) which is due to its unique design. Its still however enough to fulfil requirements of middle-sized family. Removable and washable scale filter improves longevity of this retro kettle. It protects kettle from intensive limescale build up and improves quality of boiled water. Handle has been equipped with SureGrip feature which improves comfort and safety of kettle use. It has nice finger-pad pattern which fits your hand. It has cord storage. Power cord is being stored in rotational base. Base itself looks more like a plate and let you put back kettle from any angle. Switch on/off handle illuminates when boiling is in progress.
Power: 2200W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 1.25litres
Weight: 1.384kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Absolutely great kettle
Absolutely great kettle hands down. It could be faster, I used to rapid-boil standard thanks to my previous kettle but still... it works a charm. It looks fantastic and is so comfortable to use. Must have if you’re a retro fan.
Submitted by Suzzie
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I just love this kettle!
I bought it because it looks great and would keep it even if it doesn’t deliver. Luckily it performs well and is the best kettle I’ve ever had. It low capacity doesn’t concern me – I’ve never really fill my kettle full. It has superbly comfortable handle – looks like Kenwood created it for my hand exclusively. Filter is easy to remove and wash and it does superb job on stopping scale. I just love this kettle!
Submitted by CoCo
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