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Kenwood SJM270

This standard looking electric kettle from Kenwood is a solid family appliance designed to boil water rather than to look good. Still it is well designed and is reasonably priced with makes it worth your time. Powerful heating element allows for rapid boil especially if you use only minimum water level. Polished Stainless Steel gives it elegant and simple use and it may match kitchen of any design. Based on swivel plate kettle has cord storage which frees up some space on kitchen counter. Swivel plate is comfortable for left and right handed users. Interior of the kettle is flat thanks to concealed heating element used in construction. Removable filter protects item against fast limescale build up making maintenance easier and cleaning less frequent. Unlike other Kenwood models this one doesn’t have illuminating on/off switch which may be actually good news for some of the users. This kettle weight around 1.3kg which puts it in lightweight category. It is easy to carry around even when full. Capacity of 1.7kg makes it a wise choice for any household. An item comes with 1 year guarantee.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Steel
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.3kg
Base: 360 degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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practical and good looking kettle
I have it for two years now and it’s as good as it was on the beginning. I noticed small leak on the bottom but it’s really nothing serious. It’s very fast. I always set it up with the minimum water level and get my water ready in seconds. It’s a little bit noisy, at least for my standards but I believe it is normal for all kettles, especially these rapid-boil ones. I’m a bit unhappy with the lid, or I should rather write lid’s handle. It’s too small and not adjusted to human’s fingers (not mine for sure). This makes a lid difficult to lift up. It doesn’t change my positive rate. It is a cheap, practical and good looking kettle.
Submitted by Tom
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Fast, durable and practical
To my surprise this kettle survived 2 years on building site, heavily used and abused. I’ve bought two at the same time: I took Breville home and left Kenwood for builders. Breville is already dead while Kenwood still stays strong. Fast, durable and practical. Recommended.
Submitted by Robert S., Kent
37 out of 38 visitors found this review helpful.
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