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Breville VKJ386

This family size 1.5 litres electric kettle from Breville was design to boil water fast. 3000 Watts guarantee express boiling. It has been equipped with dual water window which let you adjust water level precisely to you needs. Rotation based has a cable storage which let you keep worktop tidy. You can use jug separately from the base and move it freely around the house. When you decided to put it back you can do it from any angle thanks to the 360 swivel base. It makes things comfortable for both left and right handed users. Jug is easy to clean thanks to the way element is shaped. This Breville kettle illuminates when it's on. Stainless steel finish gives it elegant look. It's easy to fill it with water. As we mentioned before it boils water rapidly which means it is also a bit noisy but this is rather normal for such a powerful appliances. Comfortable handle stays cool and let you carry the jug just after water is boiled.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Polished Stainless S
Capacity: 1.5litres
Weight: 0.85kg
Base: 360 degree rotational
Automatic shut-off: no
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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Very quick to boil
Very nice and kind of ingenious kettle. It lights up blue when on, so the water inside looks very nice. It also allows storing the mains lead inside the base (or adjust its length). It heats water up quickly, pours it very well with no spillages. There are two windows, one per each side, so it's very easy to pour as much water as required. One more important thing - when boiling, it keeps itself on a bit longer than other kettles to kill all the germs. I like it.
Submitted by C. Cook
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Off what I can read one either love it or hate it. I like it. It hasn't let me down yet. Boils water quickly not making a lot of noise at the same time. flip lid is quite comfortable in use. Not difficult to clean. Water level is clearly visible. As for me, Breville has retained their reputation.
Submitted by playa
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too noisy
I find this kettle a bit too noisy. Actually so noisy that I decided to give it to my sister and look for a new kettle for myself. My sister said she doesn't mind and does not consider VKJ386 as noisy but for me it was too much. I intend to buy something less powerful but quieter. Breville did a great job when it comes to design as item looks amazing. If you look for a rapid boil kettle you may consider it.
Submitted by Sammel
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bad water gouge
It could be a great kettle but for one reason it isn't. Water gouge or rather water window. It is large and you could expect it has a great visibility. Unfortunately anything below two cups of water is not visible at all and to be able to check current water level you have to lift the lid up and check the interior. A bit annoying.
Submitted by Resto
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