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Breville VKJ472

Compact Electric Kettle
This kettle is an offer for customers who doesn’t need rapid boil function. It has a power of 1.8kW (1800Watts) which makes it fast but not as fast as rapid-boil 3kW powerful electric kettles. Nevertheless it delivers hot water fast as it has lower capacity of just 1 litre. Some customers buy it and use as a travel kettle or rather multipurpose kettle as it performs well both at home and away. On/off switch of this appliance illuminates blue when the kettle is on. Light goes off once the water is boiled. Be aware that a water gouge has been place in rear part of an appliance behind the handle – it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The handle itself is large and thick providing user with a firm grip and comfort. It stays cool even soon after the boiling so you can pour water when it’s hot. You may fill it easy through as pop-out lid. Wide spout guarantees no water being splash around when pouring. Item is based on 360 degree rotational plate with cord storage.
Power: 1800W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 1litres
Weight: 0.8kg
Base: 360 Degree
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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hopefully you will be satisfied
I’m an older woman living alone so I don’t need large kettle. I bought this inexpensive Breville as it looks solid as is smaller than other models. I boil water no more than for two, usually only one cup. It boils water fast, well, in my opinion. I had a stovetop kettle before so seeing this one boiling water so fast makes me happy. It is very lightweight. I don’t have a problem with lifting up. No pressure on my wrists as well. It looks nice even though my kitchen is old and rather retro-looking. I recommend it to other customers, hopefully you will be satisfied.
Submitted by Asha, London
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Definitely a good purchase
Nice little kettle. I live just with my husband and I bought this kettle when kids moved out, 2 years ago. We don’t need large kettle anymore. We boil just for two of us, no more than twice a day. So it’s adequate to our needs. It boils water fast. I don’t see much difference between it and the 3kW kettle we had before. It’s easy to clean, both externally and internally. Even after 2 years of use I don’t see much limescale. It doesn’t leak or anything. Hopefully it can last for 2 – 3 years longer. Definitely a good purchase.
Submitted by Brenda, Essex
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good kettle
I bought it a year ago from Amazon and until now it works a charm. Never had any problem with it. It’s easy to fill with water and easy to clean. Boiling time is OK. It’s not as fast as a rapid boil ones but it’s really OK. I used it on a camping site once. Good kettle.
Submitted by Q.
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