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Breville VKJ097

Colour Changing Kettle
This is one of so called rapid-boil kettles which is able to bring water into boiling within no time. It is an excellent solution for busy people who value time efficient home equipment. Equipped with Brita filter kettle delivers water of high quality. It has concealed element which allows for fast and effortless interior cleaning. It also prevents from fast limescale build up. Its capacity is lower than standard 1.7l but is adequate for boiling 4 cups of water which makes it suitable for a average sized family (by that we mean 3-4 members). It has non-slip 360 rotational base - great solution for both left and right handed users. Base is equipped with cord storage. This nicely designed kettle changes colour while boiling is in process. It starts with blue and ends up illuminating red when water is about to boil. It weights only 1.68kg so it can be transported and used as a travel kettle.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 1litres
Weight: 1.68kg
Base: 360 rotational
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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it does the job
It would be hard to say it is an excellent kettle because I don’t believe there is any brilliance in such a simple appliances. Still it does the job and does it well. It is quite small – not a problem for someone who like me lives alone but I guess it is not a family kettle. It is very fast. I usually boil one, maximum 2 cups at a time and water is ready in no time. It’s quite easy to clean inside although I don’t do it too often. Limescale builds up like in any other kettle I had. I like the look of this kettle, illumination-changing idea is cleaver and earns it extra star from me.
Submitted by Barbara, Kent
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3 stars
I bought it a year ago as I thought it looks cute and was especially attracted by design. Unfortunately after few months kettle became a little bit boring. Next kettle I will buy will be of classic simple design. Overall I think performance of Breville is good, nothing to complain. It is a bit fragile if you know what I mean. 3 stars.
Submitted by Jo-Jo, London
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I don’t understand all that hype about Breville. I thought I will get something special especially that the item cost me more than market average. What I got is an very average kettle which is not even build well. After 1.5 year it leaks at a bottom. Filter doesn’t prevent limescale. Disappointed.
Submitted by Samuel, London
64 out of 68 visitors found this review helpful.
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