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Breville JK46

No doubt there is nothing spectacular about this Breville electric kettle. It has standard design, although it is not a weak point. Many customers actually seek for something rather simple and this kettle is just that - a simple appliance for water boiling. It has however all the features you may expect from a modern kettle - 3000 Watts concealed element which boils the water in no time and is easy to maintain clean. Capacity of 1.7l makes it adequate for most of families. It has been fitted on non-slippery 360 degree rotational base which allows for comfortable use for both left and right handed users. It has a large water window which allows user precisely judge current water level. Measure is well visible. The handle of this kettle stays cool all the time. It is rather narrow but rather comfortable. Carrying kettle around is not a problem even if you have to hold it for a relatively long time. On/off switch illuminates blue while the boiling process takes place.
Power: 3000W
Colour: White
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360 rotatinal
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: yes


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very average
JK46 is, of course, not a perfect kettle but it does the job. It boils water fast and has good capacity. It looks a bit cheap but is not bad after all. I have it for a about a year now and it is heavily used by me and my family. I spotted water gathering on the bottom of the base but it is normal for all kettles after prolonged use. Average kettle for adequate price.
Submitted by Gregory, Kent
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poor poor poor
I sincerely regret buying JK46 as it is one big fault. I have it for more than a year now and it needs to be replaced as it has several leaking points which make it almost unusable. First it started to leak from a bottom. I assume it was caused by me placing jug on the base with too much power. Not long after I discovered a leak from water window. At first I thought it is steam turn water but then I did my test with cold water confirming the leak. Even if no leaks have been discovered I would still be not 100% with it. It has a serious lime scale build up inside even though I clean it quite regularly. Also design is far from perfect. Item gives impression of very cheap “Argos value” kettle but it costs 4 times more and you have every right to expect something far better. One star.
Submitted by Majka
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Very cheap plastic
We bought this kettle about 2 years ago. At first it seemed like a good buy - comfortable, large capacity, quick to boil & relatively quiet. However, all these good points are let down by the incredibly poor quality of the plastic used to make it. Not only has it discoloured from white to a mottled pale yellow, but it is pitted in places and - astoundingly - it leaks THROUGH the plastic! I couldn't believe it at first until I saw it actually happening - little beads of water appearing through the sides of the kettle. Have today replaced it with one made from stainless steel.
Submitted by Barbara Polglaze
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