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Breville VKJ535

This is very unique kettle styled for stovetop appliances. Retro style is very fashionable this year and presented appliances goes well with new trend. Lime green colour makes it even more unique. It won't however match every kitchen design. This special traditional Breville VKJ535 has got so called cool handle which stays cold (or rather NOT hot to be more specific) even soon after the water is boiled. It is placed on the top of appliance. Normally handles are placed in the rear part of a kettle but one place on top keep kettle nicely balanced even when full and allows for comfortable use. It has 3kW heating element which does the job bringing water to boil fast. It is based on 360 degree rotational base which let you replace the jug from any angle. It also makes it comfortable for both left and right handed users. Boiling process is indicated with illuminating blue on/off switch. It has been equipped with a large wide spout which allows for even pouring without annoying water dripping and splashing. One of the strongest points of this kettle is that it works quietly at least compared to other electric models which tend to be noisy especially when getting cloe to the boiling point.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Lime Green
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360 rotatinal
Automatic shut-off: yes
Cord length: 0.7
Cord storage: yes


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Great kettle
I bought it so my kettle could match toaster in newly refurbished kitchen .Design and colour were the main factors which convinced me to this model. Now I can see I made a good decision as it is solid and very practical kettle. It is fast but unlike other models I had it doesn’t make this jet noise in process. It has flat element which makes it easy to clean and oh boy! I clean it really often. After 8 months in my flat it didn’t look its charm. It is far more comfortable than any other kettle I have. Handle is very comfortable. Spout is finally big enough to pour water directly into cups without half of it landing on the table. It has cord stoarage inside the base. If you need cable can be really long (70cm). I keep things tidy on my worktop so I keep it as short as possible. Water gouge could be more visible but at least it doesn’t interfere beautiful design. Price is very good in my opinion for this high quality kettle.
Submitted by Sam, Surrey
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