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Breville VKJ366

It's one of our favourite Breville kettles as it is very practical. It has everything you expect from good electric kettle such as great power (3000W) which ensure fast water boiling and concealed element which not only boils water more effectively but also makes kettle's interior easier to clean. Jug is based on rotational plate which means you can lift and put back kettle from any angle (great for left & right handed users). The best feature this useful kettle has is Still Warm function. It keeps kettle illuminated after the water is boiled, as long as the temperature drops below 80 degrees (Celsius). Anything above 80 degrees means water is good to be used for any hot drinks and there is no reason to boil it again. That mean you can use once boiled water for about 20 minutes after boiling. This smart function saves your time and electric energy. It has capacity of 1.7 litres, which can store up to 8 cups of water. It can serve as a family kettle.
Power: 3000W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: 360 degree rotational
Cord length: 0


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fantastic kettle for reasonable price
Itís an absolutely fantastic kettle for reasonable price! It has all the functions which consist for good kettle: rapid boil, good capacity and swivel base. Design is more than just good, pink illumination combined with black finish Ė I simply love it. Canít say anything about its durability, way too early to judge it. So far so good.
Submitted by soley
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Worth the price but noisy
Itís worth buying for hot water indicator. It shows you if water is still hot (kettle keeps illuminating) Ė no re-boiling is necessary. But even apart from this cleaver solution it is good and fast kettle. The biggest downside to me is the noise it makes. I had a Breville kettle before (for two years) and I donít see any improvement on this. Generally Iím very satisfied with the product. I think it is worth the price.
Submitted by S. Wart
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nice Still Warm function
I donít see many differences between particular kettle models so seeing Still Warm feature being developed by Breville was a major buying-magnet. Still Water feature sounded cool on the paper and luckily it works well in real life. I trained my family to check for a pink light coming out of kettle (which means water is still hot enough for drinks). Now we boil water less frequently. Breville VKJ366 boils water very fast and has adequate capacity. Time will show how durable it is.
Submitted by saidTHAT
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It boils water rapidly. Not too expensive, just the price I would be inclined to spend. People are right, it's a bit noisy but because of its speed I don't really care. And I absolutely love that still warm function, very useful.
Submitted by Breville Owner
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Kettle in bad taste
I have had lots of kettles in my time and two recently have gone bang so this is my third. Glad it has not gone bang but after having it less than 24 hours the build up of a limescale film is nothing I have seen before and nothing has changed accept the kettle. The previous two had limescale sure after time but nothing on this 'scale' sorry for the pun. Am taking it back today as it makes my tea taste yuck.
Submitted by Lex
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