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Breville JK82

This kettle is on the market for a while yet it still looks fresh and modern. Very large water window let you judge precisely what the water level inside the kettle is. Thanks to concealed element minimum level of water is lower than in kettles where element is not hidden. 360 rotational base makes usage comfortable for both left and right handed users. Power cord attached to base can be hidden inside it giving you more operational space on worktop. It has standard capacity of 1.7 litres which let you boil anything between 1 to 8 cups of water. The most useful feature it has is probably Keep Warm function. It let you keep water warm and ready to use when you need it. It is very family friendly feature which can improve family-life organisation during busy times. When it comes to the style it is up to you to decide. Large water gouge makes it quite unique but might fit every kitchen.
Power: 3000W
Colour: White
Capacity: 1.7litres
Weight: 1.27kg
Base: 360 degree rotational
Cord length: 0


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No issues
Boils water very quickly. It's fairly silent, definitely not too loud. The facility to keep the water hot is very useful. Reasonable price.
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Very nice kettle. I'm pleased to have it. It boils quickly and quite comfortable to pour. Water level can be seen easily at any angle. I like the idea of illuminating the kettle red when boiling and blue on stand by. it looks really fancy. No problems with the kettle so far.
Submitted by Emma
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bit disappointed
I’m a bit disappointed especially with a durability of this item. After 2.5 years of normal use (far from l intensive) kettle started to leak. It can still boil the water but you can see how the water gathers next to the kettle’s base. It needs to be wiped out of worktop frequently. I decided not to leave any water in the kettle after use and this solve the problem a bit but it shouldn’t be the case. It is sad because apart of problem mentioned this kettle is good if not great. Very practical. Still I believe kettle should last 4, maybe 5 years without major issue.
Submitted by mezo
26 out of 53 visitors found this review helpful.
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