Stovetop Kettles Buying Guide

How to buy good traditional stovetop kettle?

Stovetop kettles are far less advanced than their electrical counterparts but generally look better. Boiling water in traditional kettles is more ceremonial and many consumers prise them for a personal feel they provide. They boil the water significantly slower than electrical ones and unfortunately require some more maintenance effort. The biggest threat to them is living them unattended.

How to choose good stovetop kettle?

If you decided to buy traditional stovetop kettle there is only few features you should ever consider.


The look of kettle is probably the first thing we notice and care about. Design should match other kitchen equipment or general look of your kitchen. Any extravaganzas are welcomed but remember that kettle will serve you for years; surely you want something you really like.


As stovetop kettles doesn’t have any cut out function whole boiling process needs to somehow supervised. That of course if they are not equipped with whistles. Whistle indicates end of boiling process. Many customers are very sentimental about its sound!

Low heat transmission handles

You don’t want to burn you hand while holding the hot kettle so low heat transmission handle is something you want to have in your kettle. It maintains reasonable temperature of a handle and let you pour the water when it’s really hot.


Tightly closing lid is something you want as it prevents hot water and steam from coming out of kettle. Manufacturers often highlight this characteristic in product’s description. Also check customer reviews for more details.

Flick Switch Release

This feature is for an easy pouring. Useful but not a must have.

Is the kettle suitable for all hobs?

Most is probably suitable for all the hobs but better check with manufacturer. Manufacturers provide this information in product description or product details.

What brand to choose?

Top stovetop kettle manufacturers are less known to the general public. Main brands include Wesco, Kitchen Craft and Horwood Homewares. Your choice shouldn’t be based on make but rather on features and design of appliance. Unlike electrical kettles traditional ones are durable and can be damaged because of inappropriate use rather than anything else.

Stovetop Kettle's Price Range

Normally stovetop kettle cost around £40 - £50. For this amount of money you can buy good, well designed kettle with all required features. You might pay less as some models cost no more than £15, however their quality is significantly lower.

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