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Wesco Classic Line Retro Kettle

This high quality stove top kettle has capacity of 2 litres which makes it good family kettle. Made of silicon handle doesn't absorb the temperature and kettle can be carried around just after boiling. It is comfortable to use, handle gives good grip. Whistle is loud, however some customers complain it is exactly the opposite. To make sure whistle works correctly and does the job make sure the lid is closed tightly. Also remember that whistle will sound softer if you boil only one cup of water. It has been equipped with flick switch release which makes pouring water easy. It is available in 4 different colours: almond, red, silver and black. All made of stainless steel kettles look elegant. Retro style will match similar kitchen design. This lightweight appliance should last for long (as long as you don't burn it). German manufacturer is a guarantee of high quality and durability of this stylish product.
Power: 0W
Colour: Almond
Capacity: 2litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0
Whistle: yes

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whistle could be louder
I wish the whistle was stronger. I struggle to hear it from other room and afraid one day I can burn this beautiful kettle. If you like retro styled items this one is something for you. I’ve got almond version, now buying black one for my sister. Although traditional kettles are much slower than their electrical counterparts they are more durable. Once you get use to the pace it boils water with you will appreciate having such a beautiful item in your kitchen.
Submitted by berto
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supreme quality
I bought it a year ago to free up space on worktop. Electric kettles are great, they boil water so fast and don’t need to be supervised while in use but they take too much space in my opinion. This one solved the problem. My black Wesco performed great until my husband took it to his workplace. There he and his great workmates burn i completely. Now I’m getting the same model or other Wesco kettle. I believe they are of supreme quality and are great investment.
Submitted by Sam
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handle gets really hot!
As you pointed out in your overview handle in this model gets really hot. I stopped my kids from using this kettle as I don’t want them to get burn. I’m planning to go back to electric model as this might be the problem with any traditional hob kettle. Electric kettle stops itself when th water is boiled while stovetop kettles need to be taking out of fire. It wouldn’t be a problem but... whistle of this kettle is almost inaudible which force you to keep eye on kettle all the time while it boils water. And this takes time...
Submitted by brom
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not so good
Handle of this kettle is as hot as its design. It is unfortunately big disadvantage and safety hazard. Lid doesn’t close tightly as highlighted in your item description. I prefer to hold it with my other hand when pouring, just in case.
Submitted by mikka
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