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Kitchen Craft Le'Xpress Athena

Traditional Family Kettle
With the capacity of 2 litres this stove top appliance can serve as family kettle. Stylish design makes it look good on the hob's top. This available in midnight black, chilli red and seashell cream kettle is suitable for all types of heat sources including induction. It is easy to carry around as the handle of this family-size appliance doesn't become hot. Handle itself has been design in quite unique way. It's not a traditional hoop with fixings at both ends. You may feel the difference while pouring from full kettle. Another good thing about Athena Kettle is a whistle which is loud enough to be easily heard from the other room. Vitreous enamelled finish gives it elegant shiny look. Flip-up spout has been added to make pouring easier. This traditional kettle has max fill mark which prevents you from overfilling it with water. Kettle can be filled with water through spout or from top after you lift the lid.
Power: 0W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 0litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0
Whistle: yes

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This is my third stovetop kettle and definitely the best. I have electric one at home as well but use stovetop kettle when got plenty of time. Tea made from water boiled in retro item tastes better in my opinion. Of course it takes significantly longer to boil water in this type of kettle and it is the biggest disadvantage you may notice. Everything else is superb! I especially like the loud whistle. Whistles loudness was an issue with my previous stovetop kettles but this one is loud enough to be heard from other room even mixed with other noises. It doesn’t cost too much either. I think price is reasonable especially compared to other models. Recommended.
Submitted by Barbara
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great, not far from perfect
Superb kettle for reasonable price! My previous one burned when I neglected to switch it off. Main reason for that was a soft whistle which didn’t alarm me on time and kettle was gone. With this one is different. Whistle is very loud, maybe a bit annoying but surely alarming. Handle is great as well is it doesn’t get too hot so you don’t need any gloves or other protection to grab it. Design is simple yet elegant. It isn’t the most beautiful stovetop kettle I’ve seen but still it looks great on the hob. And it does the job better than more expensive models. Great!
Submitted by Gibon
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Very good
I'm very pleased with it. I use it as a second kettle, as on workdays I use an electric one, as it's faster. What I like about gas kettles is the taste of water, somehow different to the one of electric ones. The kettle itself looks nice. The handle doesnt' get hot, thanks to the wide base, I think. One minor thing is the whistle, that could be a little louder.
Submitted by Alec_D
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