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Imperial Easycook Whistling Kettle

This traditional stove top kettle from Imperial is a basic and inexpensive kettle which delivers good boiling results. It is made of thin metal so it boils water a bit faster than other appliances of this type. Luckily handle stays cool and you can pour water out of it without risk of burning. It was equipped with a trigger placed just below the handle. You can lift up a whistle by pressing the trigger. That way you avoid touching the whistle like it is in some other models and again reduce the risk of burning your hand. It has a top lid which you may use for filling kettle with water or simple to clean kettle inside. Lid has a large round handle on the top and can be easily lifted up when needed. Imperial kettle may be used on all stove tops. It has capacity of 2 litres which makes it a good family kettle. Attractive price tag makes it worth your consideration.
Power: 0W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 0litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0
Whistle: yes

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not bad but whistle need to be louder!
I find the whistle of this kettle to be too silent. I struggle to hear when the boiling is finished. Twice I came back to kitchen to find most of the water evaporated and kettle almost burned. Apart from this huge disadvantage I think it is useful kettle. It boils water faster than my previous stovetop one. I like the handle on the lid – makes it easy to lift it up. Practical if you, like me, like to fill kettle full. Trigger on the handle works well and I’m glad I don’t have to remove whistle by hand like it was with my previous model. Generally not bad but whistle need to be louder!
Submitted by Shy
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Satisfied with this kettle
I was quite surprised that I managed to buy such a good kettle for less than £30. I paid £13 and I believe it was a steal! OK, it’s not the best kettle in the world but does the job not worse than more expensive models. It’s easy to fill both from the top (through the lid) and through the spout which can be opened with triggered placed on the handle. Handle stays cool (or rather warm – but NOT hot) and I don’t need to carry kettle using kitchen glove. Whistle works well for me. The only disadvantage I could find is rather smallish top lid. After you lift it up there is no much space to put your hand inside. It makes it difficult to clean for people with big hands. Well definitely for me. Still I believe it is worth the money and I would pay even £10 more for it. Satisfied.
Submitted by 1k2c
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Ideal second kettle
Just perfect for being the second kettle in the family. Normally,before and after work we have no time to use it, as it boils water considerably longer than the electric kettle we have. But I enjoy it over weekends. The tea tastes much better. Kettle itself is very good. The handle is just war at the end and the whistle is loud enough to be heard. Definitely isn't too noisy.
Submitted by Tina
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Not bad
Submitted by Amy
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Stopped whiltling
The kettle is very light and in some respect feels cheap. It was inexpensive indeed and I presume more sturdy feel would cost more. Could have lived with that but after not long the kettle stopped whistling which pretty much makes it useless or even dangerous. I couldn't stay in the kitchen just keep an eye on the kettle. It went straight to the recycling bin. Should have bought a more expensive one.
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