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Master Class Farmhouse Style Kettle

Unique Farmhouse Style
This large farmhouse styled kettle is the simplest appliance you may get. It offers minimum features and reminds kettles used two centuries ago. Still good design and durability attract many customers who prise it for simplicity of use. The biggest advantage of this appliance is its size. Capacity of 2.9 litres makes it a real family kettle which can boil over 5 pints of water at one time. It may be a good solution for large family especially during the busy times. Unfortunately this item has not been equipped with whistle, so please have it in mind if you're planning to purchase it. Master Class gives amazing 15 years guarantee for this old fashioned kettle - something which suggests durability of this item is way above the average. For safer use it has been equipped with max fill mark. Its handle has been placed well above the kettle so it doesn't become too hot. Top lid is easy to remove and makes filling the kettle easy and fast.
Power: 0W
Colour: Silver
Capacity: 2.9litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0

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Really old school kettle. Veru robust. I like the design/style. The handle doesn't get hot. the kettle is quite comfortable to pour. One thing I now regret is the lack of a whistle, but I really wanted this one. Feels like it can last for years.
Submitted by Niki
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Very good Kettle. Very unique. Pours water producing no accidental spillages, the handle doesn't get hot even if there's lots of water to boil, which takes considerably more time. The minor issue I had to knock one mark off is the lack of a whistle. I didn't care when I was buying it but now I'd like to have one.
Submitted by Michael J
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I'm very pleased with my newest purchase. It really looks rustic and fits nicely into my rustic kitchen. It's easy to fill up and to pour. I much prefer stove top kettles over electric ones. They have soul and I personally think that water boiled in a stove top kettle tastes much better.
Submitted by Sandra
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