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Le Creuset Traditional Kettle

Durable Traditional Kettle
Old-fashion design suggests this stovetop kettle is solid like the items from the past and it actually is. Made of heavyweight metal item was built to last and it will serve you for years (if used properly of course). Suitable for all types of hobs kettle boils water evenly and fast. It's equipped with loud whistle which can be lift it up with a little lever which prevents your fingers from accidental burns. It holds up to 2.1 litres of water which makes it great choice for even large family. It's easy to clean both in and outside. Once you lift up a top lid you may fill it up quickly. Handle never gets too hot to hold and is strongly attached to the rest of a kettle. If you decided to buy this item please be aware that actual capacity of this stovetop kettle is much more than 2 litres as 2 litres is just a maximum level you can fill it up to. So it may look big in your kitchen (then again it free up space on the worktop).
Power: 0W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 2.1litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0
Whistle: yes

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just wow!!
Absolutely brilliant thing. Looks very stylish, vintage look. I was afraid it would take ages to boil water but it's not that bad. It really depends on how much water is in, quite obviously. t doesn't switch itself off, unfortunately, but the whistle is loud enough to let you know the water is boiling. it's a pretty hefty kettle. You can really feel the quality. Highly recommended.
Submitted by Linda
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Looks fantastic, unlike soulless electric kettles. Pretty heavy. Quite easy to fill in and to pour, once water is boiled. The handle got hot once or twice, but I figured out that the flame was too big. Now everything is fine. Looks fantastic on the stove.
Submitted by Janet D
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Kettle is £72.00 on Amazon ??? Misleading information
Submitted by Dave D
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