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Alessi Bird Whistle Kettle

Must-have item
Looking at it it's hard to believe that it was designed in 1985! It's been one of the greatest icons of modern design ever since. It comes with iconic bird-shaped whistle, that has made it recognisable among other stove top kettles. It fits the range of Alessi products, designed by Michael Graves. Alessi Bird Whistle Kettle suits any kitchen, beginning with simple and ending with the most modern designs. The kettle is suitable for all types of hobs. It's capacity is suitable for every day needs of an average user. Both bird-shaped whistle and lid are replaceable. The metal handle is covered with a polyamide protective coating remains cool after boiling and assures comfortable grip. Polished stainless steel makes it stain resistant and very easy to clean. If you're looking for a kettle that not only does what it's meant to do but also plays a vital decorative role in your kitchen, this kettle is made for you. It comes with three colour trims: cream/ivory, black and blue, so that it can fit any kitchen colour scheme.
Power: 0W
Colour: Cream
Capacity: 2litres
Weight: 0kg
Base: N/A
Automatic shut-off: N/A
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: N/A
Whistle: yes

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Fancy stuff
Actually looking for an electric kettle, but spotted this one and decided to leave a feedback. Bought it as a gift for my aunt. She absolutely loves the design. unlike other stove top kettles this one doesn't have a whistle, only a chirping bird! What's more important the bottom of the kettle is flat, so fits nicely flat stoves, like my auntie's ceramic one. It helps saving on electricity and shortens boiling time as well. Very good indeed.
Submitted by Macca
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