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Cuisinart PerfecTemp Tea Kettle

Perfect tea each time
Cuisinart's PerfectTemp Tea Kettle is the thing you've been looking for. Thanks to a built-in temperature gauge it allows brewing tea with absolutely perfect results each time! One of the most important things is the repeatability that can be achieved thanks to this kettle. It also allows making the drink healthier, by releasing maximum amount of antioxidants. The PerfectTemp tea kettle is a stove-top item suitable for all types of hobs, including fire, electric, halogen, ceramic and induction ones. The kettle is made of iron and is covered with high quality ceramic enamel, thanks to which it looks fancy and since it's available in three colours: cream, red and black, it suits actually any kitchen. Iron core helps maintaining temperature, keeping your tea hot until you approach for another cuppa! The handle is made of rust free steel covered with soft grip material. It stays cool, even when the kettle was brewing tea for a long time. Although it is named a tea kettle, it can be used to brew coffee or simply boil water as well. The kettle is also equipped with a soft sounding whistle, announcing your drink is ready. Enjoy your perfect tea or coffee each time!
Power: 0W
Colour: Red
Capacity: 1.4litres
Weight: 3kg
Base: N/A
Automatic shut-off: N/A
Cord length: 0
Cord storage: N/A
Whistle: yes
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