Travel Kettles Buying Guide

How to buy useful travel kettle?

Due to its compact size and low price travel kettles gain on popularity every year. They have been on the market for years and have been used mostly in caravans and camps. Many consumers take one with them for long and exotic destinations as boiling the water in your own kettle is more convenient and safe than using hotel equipment, especially in the places of doubtful reputation. Manufacturers know exactly what the consumers need and modern travel kettles are of high quality and most importantly they are easy and comfortable to use.

What to consider when buying a travel kettle?

The differences between travel and home kettles are not significant as after all they all have the one requirement to fulfil: to boil the water. However there are few things you should check to ensure you buy a good travel appliance:


This is the main feature which decides how easy to transport the appliance of your choice is. In this case you don’t want the capacity to be too large. By standard travel kettle’s capacity should range between 0.5 and 0.85 litres. This is less than a half of that of traditional kettles. Of course compact size means more space in your suitcase. After all you don’t go for holidays for a brew! Even capacity of 0.5 litres can ensure you full comfort of boiling.


Why on earth should you check the voltage? Often you will take your kettle abroad so make sure you can use it on voltage from 120 – 240 V. This should cover the entire standards used worldwide.


Travel appliances have low wattage. For this reason they boil water slower than traditional or full sized electric kettles. Make sure wattage is not too low or you may end up with boiling water for an hour to get your cup of tea ready.


Some of the models come with additional plastic cups. They are not something necessary but can be a nice addition to your travel kit. They are usually a bit smaller than the traditional tea/coffee cups but are big enough to provide you with your daily brew. Some manufacturers add a travel bag with set or some other nice extras.

How much do they cost?

Fortunately travel kettles are rather inexpensive and are no stretch to your travel budget. This is the reason number one why you should get one. The cheapest models should not extend the £10 price tag. They are basic but will survive more than one trip. Our research suggests that the average market price for a travel kettle in UK is around £20. For this price you should get descent item from reputable manufacturer. Price of course will very much depend on make of the kettle however we don’t see much sense in spending more than £25 on this type of small appliance.

What brand to choose?

Almost every kettle’s manufacturer has a range of travel appliances. Cookworks, Breville and Prestige got some inexpensive and interesting models in offer and are defiantly worth your consideration. If you want to go after British brand Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards shouldn’t disappoint you. Bear in mind that quality may vary for different models. We suggest you to check if item has all required features before you even look for a brand. When travelling abroad you probably have one already. Make sure you have your power adapter in place as unfortunately most of the countries have sockets shaped differently than UK’s.

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