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Russell Hobbs 14178

Travel Kettle with Boil Dry Protection
This travel kettle has quite large capacity of 0.85 litres which is large enough to be useful and small enough to be suitable for travelling. It comes with 2 plastic cups which are perfect for the morning cup of tea wherever you are. However they are smaller than standard cups and might be not sufficient for your needs. Two plastic spoons are also part of this travel set. All additional items can be stored inside the appliance giving you extra space for other items. It boils water fast as it is supported with 1000 Watts element. Element is concealed which mean cleaning the kettle is not a problem. Easy maintenance means increased longevity. It has two water windows so you can easily check current level of water. Additionally it was equipped with removable filter which filters water for better quality. It also helps to keep kettle free of lime. Hinged lid helps you to quickly fill kettle from the top.
Power: 1000W
Colour: White
Capacity: 0.85litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0


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As good as normal sized kettle
Absolutely perfect. Boils water rapidly. Has automatic switch so no need to worry when water boils and you forget about it (as it happened to may previous one). Cups and the kettle seem ok size-wise but spoons are a bit too small. No other "issues".
Submitted by Marina
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Very good
Very good and quite cheap. Mugs are of decent size, absolutely enough for us. The kettle boils water rather fast, doesn't take much longer than with our normal size one.
Submitted by Jagga
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Not quite happy with it. Bois water fairly quickly. Plastics seem ok quality, but the mains lead is too short. Also the lead could be detachable, but it's not. So 50/50.
Submitted by Harry Norton
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