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Lloytron Travel Kettle

Capacity of 0.9 litres makes it adequate for travelling and caravanning. Lloytron travel kettle has been equipped with most of the features you will find in domestic electric kettles. It has an automatic cut off feature for increased use security. It's very lightweight so it doesn't increase total weight of your luggage (useful if you travel by plane). It can be used internationally with different power settings. It has boil dry protection which mean you will not burn it if you forget to provide minimum required water level. It has stylish LED indicator. Stainless heating element means increased durability of item. This travel kettle comes with two cups which although not as big as the ones you use at home are adequate for travelling. Manufacturer gives 2 years guarantee for this compact appliance.
Power: 0W
Colour: Black
Capacity: 0.9litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0


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you won’t be disappointed
I used on my last trip to France and I’m satisfied with its performance. I was considering buying smaller kettle but I’m glad I didn’t. 0.9 l is not much, anything smaller would not be useful for family of 5 (2 adults plus 3 kids). It could boil water faster but not that I complain. After all holidays mean more time and no morning rush. I definitely like the design and overall look of this item. Despite low price it doesn’t look cheap and I would use it at home if it was of normal size. It’s worth the price, you won’t be disappointed.
Submitted by Bregovic
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Very practical. Just as it was design for travels ;) The kettle and cups are just in the right size. Despite the price doesn't feel very cheap. B the way: empty kettle can be used as a storage for the cups. How good that sounds?
Submitted by G. Turner
31 out of 33 visitors found this review helpful.
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