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Wahl Travel Kettle ZX643

This is a very compact travel kettle which doesn't take too much space and can be easily transport wherever you go. It can be used on different voltage setting which makes it an excellent choice if you intend to travel abroad. It has input voltage 100 to 240 Volts which mean it can be used on continent and in majority of foreign counties. Small capacity of 0.5 litres may be not adequate for some travellers but is enough to prepare two cups of tea or coffee. If you travel with family however, you should consider buying item of bigger capacity. This travel kettle comes with two plastic cups. It has power of 1000 Watts which is around the standard wattage for this type of kettles. It means quick boiling as this element wattage combined with small capacity result with fast boiling. Manufacturer gives 2 years guarantee for item. Stylish stainless finish looks great and gives this kettle a feel of high-quality item. Be careful with steel exterior as it becomes very hot while you boil the water.
Power: 1000W
Colour: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 0.5litres
Weight: 0kg
Cord length: 0


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Couldn’t expect more from travel kettle
Wahl’s good looking kettle has been with me in three different cheap hotels so far. It actually adds value to often poorly designed cheap hotels’ rooms. It boils water really fast. Not as fast as my home electric kettle but this speed will do on any holidays. I travel with my hubby or (sometimes) alone so I love its compact size and limited capacity. It doesn’t take much luggage space and is rather lightweight. Couldn’t expect more from travel kettle.
Submitted by Joanna
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good but getting very hot
I bought it as a travel kettle but it end up in my kitchen. Main reason for this drastic switch is that it boils a cup of water more efficiently than my old electric kettle. It also looks better and fits well in my compact kitchen. Anytime I travel I can take it with me anyway. The only thing I’m not happy about is hot steel exterior which you really have to be careful with. Apart from this it is an excellent buy.
Submitted by A. Mirza
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Decent quality
Does the job very well. boils water quite quickly, even for two mugs. It's used every now and then, but even so it's very useful. Didn't cost much anyway. There's one thing that I'm concern about. The exterior becomes very hot, especially it's made of metal. I guess all kettles get hot.. Very useful, priced reasonably, quite well made.
Submitted by Darren
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Absolutely fantastic kettle. Before the purchase I had read reviews here and there and finally picked this one. People were right. Its' brilliant. Boils water in reasonably short time (bar in mind it's just a 1kW kettle) and it doesn't give water that characteristic taste, that plastic kettles do. There's in fact a minor drawback. The size of the mugs. I understand however that bigger mugs would affect 'travelability'. The kettle is still capable of filling up two normal size mugs, when maximum water level is boiled. Good quality and low price. Can honestly recommend.
Submitted by Gary
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Really good
Quite popular travel kettle of what I can read. And frankly speaking there's a reason for that. It's a very good kettle. Boils water fairly quickly, at least as you have limited expectations. At the end of the day it's a tiny travel kettle not a normal domestic one. As for the size it's ok. It can boil just enough water for two nearly full normal sized mugs. Looks fine as well. If you're looking for a travel kettle take a closer look at this one.
Submitted by H.Murphy
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Don’t buy it.
I don’t know how this item can get any positive reviews from customers! It is dangerous! Steel walls of this kettle become extremely hot and if you are not careful enough can easily burn your hands. It boils water beyond boiling point. It simply continues to boil it. Clearly there is something wrong with thermostat I’m looking for other, less risky item. Don’t buy it.
Submitted by F
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